January 15, 2018

By the side of young patients

by dev@codemonkeys.studio in CSR

The Chairman of Antipollution S.A. and GREEN S.A., Mr. Vassiliades visited the Children’s Hospital, in order to give an important present to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.
The donation was carried out with the help of “DESMOS” Non-Profit Foundation, which brought to our attention the hospital’s need for a vital machine of the clinic. More specifically, the company donated a blood heater for the system of continuous non-hemolytic clearance that is used to heat the blood returning to the patient, keeping the body temperature stable and preventing hypothermia that can be harmful to the young patients.
The company needed to give smiles to young patients, contributing to the very important work of the hospital, towards all the children needing this particular mechanical support.
The delivery of the machine took place in an atmosphere of great joy, since it is a specialized medical equipment that improves the recovery of the young patients. At the delivery where present the Chairman of Antipollution Mr. Vyron Vasileiadis and his associates, the Coordinator of the clinic Mr. Papadatos, the hospital unit’s representatives, and representatives of DESMOS.