A global conglomerate arises


A global conglomerate arises



On Tuesday 7/6 on the occasion of the International Exhibition Posidonia 2016, ANTIPOLLUTION S.A. during a corporate event, announced its partnership with VEOLIA FIELD SERVICES UK member of the international SARPI VEOLIA.

ANTIPOLLUTION S.A. specialized in marine environmental protection services and VEOLIA FIELD SERVICES UK, a company experienced in the field of waste management, joined forces to create a new global power, able to serve the needs and requirements of the demanding shipping industry.

This new scheme shall offer integrated solutions and prompt, safe and environmentally sound emergency response services as well as shall manage distressed / damaged cargoes on global level.

The international shipping community has now a reliable ally and partner in building a sustainable marine environment.


Mr. Byron Vassiliades, Chairman of Antipollution SA, who envisioned this venture stated that this is the beginning of a long journey which shall alter the way that damaged / distressed cargoes are managed. After all, only a small group of thoughtful and dedicated people is more than enough for making the difference and re-shaping the way shipping industry is served globally.

Philipp Vassiliades, Neil Revera, Byron Vassiliades, Hervé Martel, Karina Szafranek-Braś, Nick Morgan

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