Antipollution at Oil Spill Limited


Antipollution at Oil Spill Limited


The training of Antipollution’s personnel was completed successfully at the premises of Oil Spill Limited, in Southampton, UK. The company’s employees participated in the seminars, which were held between the 3rd and the 7th of March and had the opportunity to further enhance their expertise in the field of equipment handling and oil spill response, using the latest technologies. Specifically, representatives of Antipollution, attended seminars conducted by the leading company, Oil Spill Response Limited, implementing the most innovative and effective techniques for dealing with oil pollution in rivers, coastlines and the open seas.

Antipollution also received a Certificate of attendance titled “OIL SPILL CLEARANCE COURSE IMO 1 & IMO 2”.

Antipollution, being faithful to the idea of continuous learning and adaptation to new ideas for protecting the environment, is making important steps and investments in the field of oil spill response services.

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