Antipollution SA is cleaning the coast of Megalo Kavouri


Antipollution SA is cleaning the coast of Megalo Kavouri


Antipollution responded to the call for voluntary coast cleaning of Megalo Kavouri, on September the 20th, which was successfully organized by HELMEPA.

With the slogan “let’s clean what we left behind on our beaches" the company aims to strengthen environmental awareness in relation to the coasts of Greece.

The “month of action for a clean marine environment" which commences on September 20th is a great opportunity for everyone to assist in cleaning the beaches in order to have clean beaches for the summer to come, but also to allow everyone to enjoy clean beaches throughout the year.

Antipollution’ s partners, rewarding such initiatives but also aiming at highlighting the need for collective efforts and environmental awareness, will be at the coast of Megalo Kavouri, on October the 4th, at 10.00.
Together we will clean the coast, drawing on our experience in the fields of collection, transportation and waste management.
We, the people of Antipollution, want an environment worthy of the present and future generations and will do everything possible in order to achieve this.

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