Antipollution Sponsorship - Centaurus Formula SAE Team


Antipollution Sponsorship - Centaurus Formula SAE Team

ANTIPOLLUTION stands next to our young people and the Greek university community and recently the company sponsored the research project "Design and Construction of Single-Seat Race Car."

This is a student initiative of the department of Mechanical Engineering, of the University of Thessaly, which aims to build a single seat racing car in order to participate in worldwide student competition called Formula Student.

The group 'Centaur' has managed to participate in the competition three times, each time in a different category. In the summer of 2013 the group won the 1st place in Business Presentation, thereby enabling the students of the University of Thessaly to carry the Greek flag to the podium of the competition, with the leading automotive companies and 2000 students from around the world watching.

The competition is organized by the largest companies in the field, such as Jaguar, the Mercedes AMG, Audi etc and takes place at famous tracks around the world, such as Silverstone and Hockenheim.

For more information please visit the company site

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