Port Reception Facility Services for the Port of Patra


After participating in the international tender of the Patra’s Port Authority for Port Reception Facilities, Antipollution SA was awarded a five year contract. The port of Patra handles an important part of passenger sea traffic between Greece and other countries. With the construction of the new (Southern) port, the port of Patra will play a key role in the transportation systems of the South Eastern European region, acting as Greece’s gate of the west towards Italy and the rest of the European Union. Antipollution SA has undertaken the management of solid ship generated waste and cargo residues in a joint venture with Hellenic Environmental Center (HEC), which will manage the liquid ship generated waste.

Our company will provide a complete waste management system for the port of Patra, always in compliance with the Marpol Convention 73/78 and International Maritime Organization guidelines for marine pollution prevention.

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