Vyron Vasileiadis was interviewed by Deutsche Welle


Byron  Vassiliades, Chairman and CEO of Antipollution SA and Chairman of Green SA, was interviewed by Gunnar Kohne, from Deutsche Welle.

The interview was aired on the news of Deutsche Welle, in order to describe Greek reality after the parliamentary elections of January 2015, and while the Greek government is in intensive negotiations with its European partners.

The Chairman of Antipollution and Green spoke to the journalist from Deutsche Welle, in order to provide some insight on how the business community in Greece is viewing what is currently happening in Greece, but also what is happening at a European Level. Vyron Vasileiadis has managed to stand apart as a result of his business activities, in the midst of the Greek economic crisis, having acquired a series of international distinctions. Byron Vassiliades being an exemplary example of a young and successful business man, was chosen to speak to Deutsche Welle about his concerns and hopes for Greece considering the economic crisis at hand and about the prospects of business activity in his country.

Watch an excerpt of the interview in the video below.

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