Facility Services


Facility Services


- Outdoor and indoor cleaning services

Antipollution provides comprehensive cleaning services for outdoor spaces and facilities. The company seeks to constantly serve the needs of its expanding clientele base, which consists of major private and public organizations.

The staff employed by the company is chosen and trained so as to ensure a clean and safe work environment at any public or private organization where our services are provided.

The equipment used for the provision of outdoor cleaning services varies depending on the site which is to be cleaned and particular requirements of each project and client.

- Greenery

Antipollution has expanded its activities in the field of green spaces management and more specifically in the provision of landscaping services, services ensuring the maintenance of green spaces in city centres, as well as the provision of forestry services.

The company is in the position to provide these specialized services as it employs experienced and specialized staff which is capable to ensure the successful completion of any type of project thereby ensuring the most efficient and professional management of green spaces. The company provides a broad range of services to port authorities, hotels, construction companies, professional facilities and generally to companies or organizations which have spaces which require the provision of greenery services.

- Fumigation and disinfection services

Our services are available for all types of indoor and outdoor spaces and the disinfectants we use are approved by the national food and drug administration. The disinfestation, decontamination and fumigation techniques applied by the company are harmless to people and animals as they are performed by trained personnel under the direction of specialized supervisor. After the provision of services a certificate is delivered to the client which evidences that the highest public health standards have been met.

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