Recycling Recovery & Processing Facilities Services


Recycling Recovery & Processing Facilities Services



- Destruction of out of specs products

- Animal by products


Recycling is one of our company's main business operations, underlining our deep environmental commitment. Recycling contributes to the conservation and maintenance of vital raw materials as well as contributing significantly to the preservation of the ecosystem.

Via recovery processes, recyclable materials are processed and new products generated, finally leading to minimum quantity of waste residue led to landfills. This requirement is even more imperative, nowadays, taking into account the saturation that landfills are facing but also their contribution to the production of methane, one of the "greenhouse" gasses. 

It is important to know that, without recycling, continuous extraction of raw materials such as wood and fossil materials will finally result to depletion of natural resources.

Antipollution, with years of experience in the field of Environmental Management, is striving in every activity to highlight our strong environmental values. Our company constantly promotes recycling and its beneficial impact on the natural environment, offering its clients the expertise and guidelines for its implementation, always in full compliance with Legislation. 

To this end, depending on the specific requirements, our company provides its clients with the proper equipment for each type of material, which are separated, recovered and utilized in our Plants.

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