July 28, 2017

One of the largest Net Metering PV systems in Greece has been completed!

This great project was carried out by Antipollution S.A. under the supervision of GREEN S.A. completed in 26 July 2017.

The PV system that was built on the roofs of Antipollution S.A. in Aspropyrgos is 200kW. This means that after this investment, 40% of the energy consumption of the Antipollution plant, where the project was installed, will now come from green energy. This reduces pollutant emissions as well as factory footprint.

The completion of the project took 3 weeks. The development and supervision of the project was carried out by Easy Power S.A., while the study and construction was undertaken by Entec Contractors S.A. Member of the Entec Group of Companies group. 690 high performance PV modules with FLEX monocrystalline cells, 6 Fronius ECO inverters and Metaloumin aluminum support system were used to install the PV with the aim of improving its performance. The quality of construction is excellent, and great emphasis has been placed on detail and compliance with strict standards and specifications.

The primary concern of companies is green growth and the smallest possible energy footprint. With the completion of this project, we set our goal in practice by giving an example of hope for a green future.