March 22, 2017

Refloating and Removal of RoRo “Panagia Tinou” from Piraeus Port has been successfully completed.

Antipollution SA, specialized and experienced company in Waste Management and Environmental issues and always present at Oil Spill Response Operations, has successfully completed the second phase of refloating and removal of RoRo “Panagia Tinou” from Piraeus Port in the context of an open competition conducted by Piraeus Port Authority SA (PPA SA).
Early morning of March 21st, 2017 RoRo “Panagia Tinou” sailed from Piraeus Port towed by “Pantokrator” Tug for her last trip to Turkey where she will be dismantled at a ship recycling facility.
The project has been successfully concluded within the agreed strict contractual time due to an excellent and well organized plan and based on a careful study that Antipollution applied for the specific project.
Despite the high complexity of the project, issuance of Trans Frontier Shipment licenses was a difficult time-wise task, since vessel had been listed for almost a year at one of the main passenger terminals of Piraeus Port, and had to be issued before the commencement of touristic season, so traffic in the port to be conducted smoothly.
Antipollution ANE wishes to express its gratitude to Piraeus Port Authority, departments of Ministries involved as well as to all partners that supported company until completion of works and delivery of project.