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V Group of Companies Takes Strides Towards Environmental Responsibility by Offsetting Website Carbon Footprint
In a constant commitment to environmental sustainability, V Group of Companies is proud to announce its voluntary initiative to offset the carbon emissions generated by its websites:,, and This groundbreaking effort is accomplished through the support of the certified Sierra Leone Safe Water Project, an endeavor that not only mitigates the company’s ecological impact but...
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Antipollution Egypt: Environmental Impact Assessment unanimous approval gives green light to commence operations
In the presence of a consortium of leaders from various sectors including maritime transport and environmental management, Suez Canal Authority conducted a community consultation to assess the environmental impact of the operations set to begin by Antipollution Egypt. The session resulted in unanimous agreement among all participants to proceed with the project from an environmental...
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Dimitris Bakoulis Takes Part in Helmepa Online Seminars
In the realm of environmental protection and maritime sustainability, the efforts of individuals dedicated to combating pollution play a crucial role. Dimitris Bakoulis, Business Development Manager of Antipollution, recently made significant contributions to the cause by participating in online seminars organized by Helmepa. These seminars focused on addressing and preventing pollution, with a particular emphasis...
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Antipollution Supports HNS / HazMat- HazWoPer Course
Antipollution is deeply committed to actively supporting and facilitating the provision of comprehensive technical knowledge and training to marine professionals. Through our steadfast dedication, we aim to empower maritime experts with the essential skills and expertise required for their roles, contributing to enhanced safety, environmental protection, and overall excellence within the maritime industry. After the...
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Meeting of Antipollution with IMO in Brussels
Antipollution's executives participated in the 25th-anniversary festivities of Euroshore International in Brussels. Having been a member for two decades, Antipollution has made substantial contributions, leveraging its extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of port reception facilities to support the Association's objectives and efforts in preserving the oceans and reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry....
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Antipollution at the helm of Euroshore
For many decades, Antipollution has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship and sustainability, setting the standard for responsible waste management and pollution control in the maritime industry. As a testament to their unwavering commitment to these causes, Antipollution has proudly been a member of Euroshore for 20 years. On a significant Wednesday, the 11th...
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Antipollution starts the clean up of Volos shores
In the wake of the devastating floods that struck the picturesque shores of Volos in September, a remarkable and heartening initiative has sprung into action. Antipollution has rallied volunteers to embark on a comprehensive cleanup mission, armed with cutting-edge equipment. This remarkable effort not only reflects the power of community and environmental stewardship but also...
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On February 18, 2022, as RO/PAX EUROFERRY OLYMPIA travelled from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi, a fire broke out in Garage No 3 and soon spread to other areas of the ship. Tugboats, along with boats from the Greek and Italian coast guards, assisted with the passenger search & rescue and salvage operations. The salvage operation was...
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