Salvage and de-bunkering operations

May 26, 2021

Bulk carriers KIVELI and AFINA I collided on March 13th, 2021, ten nautical miles west of Kythira Island, Greece, while proceeding in opposite directions.

AFINA I was on its way from Novorossiysk, Russia, Black Sea, to Bilbao, Spain, whereas KIVELI was on its way from Casablanca, Morocco, to Varna, Bulgaria. AFINA I was loaded with iron ores and KIVELI with fertilizers. Both ships suffered damages.

Antipollution participated in the salvage operations for KIVELI with one of the first tugboats that arrived at the incident.

AFINA I suffered a rupture in its hull, causing a water inflow. Both ships were towed to the anchorage of Neapoli Voion by 5 tugboats on March 14th.

During the second phase of the operations, Antipollution undertook the de-bunkering of AFINA I to prevent oil pollution.