January 25, 2022

M/V SEABIRD Shipwreck – Prevention of Oil Pollution

The general cargo motor vessel Seabird sank early in the morning of 28th of August. The vessel was passing from Myrtoan Sea with direction to Tunisia where she hit a rocky islet. The vessel leaked fuel oil and pollution was observed at the nearby areas.

Antipollution was one of the contractors that were involved at the containment and recovery of the oil. Our highly trained team responded with anti-pollution and work vessels using state of the art equipment approved by Greek authorities which consisted of absorbent materials and skimmers. This challenging project was successfully completed after 3 weeks of anti-pollution activities.

On the second phase, our company operated for another 2 weeks at the casualty area. The scope of the second phase was to monitor and assess the situation of the environment to ensure that no further pollution could be observed.