At Antipollution we recognize that our human capital is key to the attainment of our company’s goals.

The recruitment and retention of skillful professionals is our primary priority, which is why we strive to create and maintain a stable working environment, where people feel secure and are offered a chance to develop their skills. For the same reason, we offer competitive compensation, benefit schemes and regular training.

Our goal is to be the first choice of competent professionals pursuing a career in our field.

Our company’s constant expansion has inevitably resulted in a personnel increase during the latest years. Today, we have more than 200 employees on board.


At Antipollution, we offer a safe and modern work environment for everyone.

We use specific systems and tools and offer opportunities that help our employees develop their abilities, achieve their individual and team goals and sustain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. Through our daily procedures, we encourage innovation and creativity and are focused on employing the skills of our workforce to improve the quality of our services, simultaneously offering them personal satisfaction and professional development. In this way, we hope to foster mutually beneficial relationships, built on trust.

It is our belief that offering an optimal working environment for our people, is key to our company’s success.

Antipollution’s working environment is governed by the following principles:

Health and Safety.
We have developed a Health and Safety Management System for each of our Company’s departments.

Open Door Policy.
We encourage open dialogue and aim to establish a relationship of mutual trust with each of our employees

Constant Development.
We offer specialized and targeted training programs that support the growth and development of our workforce.

Career opportunities
We regularly evaluate our people’s progress, based on which they are appropriately rewarded and given the opportunity to achieve their professional goals within the company.


Continuous development, knowledge and a capable workforce are exactly what a rapidly evolving work environment requires. At Antipollution, we provide ongoing training and development opportunities for our employees. This is one of our fundamental commitments, directly linked to our business strategy, as we have learnt that highly driven, appropriately qualified employees are key to the accomplishment of our company’s objectives.

Our People – Our Power

Our Commitment

A “ZERO accidents” goal in each of our work premises is our top priority. To this end, health and safety protocols have been put into place as an inextricable part of our business strategy and operation processes. The success of these protocols is largely dependent on the commitment and compliance of Antipollution’s workforce, across all levels.

Remaining in a constant state of alertness, we aim to:

Encourage constant learning and aim to bring forth the necessary conditions for a Safe and Healthy Work Environment.

Apply measures that ensure the health and safety of our people, associates and visitors.

Invest in technology, state of the art equipment and practices that alert us of potential hazards and enable the prevention of work – related injuries.