At Antipollution we consider our human resources as one of the most important factors in attaining our goals.

The recruitment and retention of skillful professionals is our first priority. That is why we strive to create and maintain a stable working environment, where people feel secure and have the ability to develop their skills. We also offer competitive compensation, benefit schemes and training.

Our goal is to be the first choice of competent professionals throughout their career.

Our company’s constant expansion led us to a personnel increase during the last years. Today we have more than 200 employees onboard, most of them with a graduate diploma, while the rest is are on a constant learning, training and development procedure.


At Antipollution, we offer a safe and modern work environment for everyone.

We use specific systems and tools and we offer opportunities that help employees develop their abilities, achieve their individual and team goals and sustain a healthy work-life balance. Through our day to day procedures, we encourage innovation, and creativity and we are focused on using the skills and abilities of our people in order to improve our services and in the same time offer them personal satisfaction and professional development. This way we build a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.

It is our belief that by assuring the best working environment for our employees, is the way to success.

Antipollution’s working environment is expressed through the following principles:

Health and Safety.We develop a Health and Safety Management System across all activity areas of the Company

Open Door Policy.We encourage dialogue and establish mutual trust among all employees

Constant Development.We offer specialized and targeted training programs for everyone’s growth and development

Career opportunities. We implement processes for the achievement of professional goals and objectives


Continuous development, knowledge and capabilities is exactly what a rapidly evolving work environment requires. At Antipollution we provide ongoing training and development opportunities to our employees. This is one of our fundamental commitments, directly linked to our business strategy, because we know that only qualified employees with an open mind and continuously improved skills can lead the company to achieve its objectives. A mutually successful future is our goal

Our Team is Our Power

Our Commitment

A “ZERO workplace injuries” goal in all work premises, is of great value for us. This is why we have a specific strategy for safety, health and wellbeing that is integrated into existing business strategies and processes. Its success depends on the commitment and influence of everyone inside our organization or involved in our business – no matter if it is a leader or a worker. We remain constantly alert, we provide education and training and we are committed to:

encourage continuous learning and develop the appropriate conditions for a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

apply every appropriate measure which ensures the health and safety of our people, our associates and visitors

invest in technology, state of the art equipment and practices that promote the prevention of potential hazards