Our company provides Port Reception Facility services for Ship-Generated Waste, Cargo Residues (MARPOL73/78, Annexes I, III, V, VI) and Ship Repair Waste Management sediments from shipyards, repair zones, anchorage etc. We also take on the management of waste produced in ports, harbors, marinas and offshore installations.

We serve the largest Greek ports and numerous private facilities nationwide, while our in depth experience combined with our highly qualified and impeccably trained personnel, guarantee the quality of the services we provide.

At Antipollution S.A. we are fully licensed and capable of implementing environmental practices of the highest standards for waste management, always in adherence to our zero – waste approach and the circular economy model.

Following each waste disposal operation, our clients receive all relevant documentation in adherence to local environmental legislation.

At a glance

Regarding the Port Reception Facilities of ship generated waste, ship repairs waste and cargo residues, we offer:

  1. Collection on land by using specialized equipment
  2. Collection at sea by dedicated vessels
  3. Waste processing
  4. Hazardous waste management
  5. Collection, transportation and final disposal