Our company provides Port Reception Facility services for Ship-Generated Waste, Cargo Residues (MARPOL73/78, Annexes I, II, V), as well as Ship Repair Waste Management sediments from shipyards, repair zones, anchorage etc. We also undertake the management of waste produced in ports, harbors, marinas and offshore installations.
We serve the largest Greek ports and numerous private facilities all over Greece, and our in depth experience combined with the qualified and trained personnel, guarantee the quality of our services.
At Antipollution S.A. we are fully licensed and we implement high end environmental practices for waste management, always based on Circular Economy and a Zero Waste approach.
Our clients receive all the necessary documents according to the relevant environmental legislation, after each visit and disposal of waste.

At a glance

Concerning Port Reception Facilities of ship generated waste, ship repairs waste and cargo residues we offer

  1. Collection on land by using specialized equipment
  2. Collection at sea by dedicated vessels
  3. Waste processing
  4. Hazardous waste management
  5. Collection, transportation and final disposal