Who We Are

  • We are the leading Greek company in the field of port reception facilities, marine environmental protection services and waste management services
  • Since 1940 we provide services on a 24/7 basis at more than 30 ports in Greece
  • We offer immediate, effective & efficient solutions & services, concerning Emergency Response, globally
  • We emphasize on the importance of recycling, valorization and alternative management of waste and strive for providing the most optimal environmental solutions
  • We protect sea and land from environmental hazards
Years of presence
Plus employees

Most of our people have a post graduate diploma, while the rest of our team is on a constant learning, training and development procedure

Our Approach

We combine cumulative knowledge and experience to deliver first-class solutions for our customers.

We are using all the necessary resources in a sustainable way, in order to tackle every environmental challenge.

We always aim at zero carbon dioxide emissions and we have achieved a Zero Carbon Footprint.

The adoption of Circular Economy concepts and practices is the way we do business.

We aim for our business to positively influence society and the environment.

Our Mission
To tackle worldwide environmental challenges of a circular economy through innovative solutions.
Our Vision
To excel in our field through innovation, while inspiring next generations to strive towards a sustainable future.

Our Values

We express ourselves in our truest form. We are real and honest and we are recognized for our individuality.
We aim for a positive influence on society and the environment. We aspire to act as role models for our stakeholders and strive for a positive environmental impact, through zero waste. We foster an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel.
Our goal is redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do. We invest on RnD and are always open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive innovation.
We connect with, understand and support our people. We believe in everyone’s ability to contribute, providing they are given the chance to be truly heard; we share the emotions of those who surround us, as if they were our own. We treat our colleagues and partners with professionalism and dignity.