Who We Are

Antipollution is the leading company in the provision of Port Reception Facilities and one of the largest Waste Management companies in Greece and the Mediterranean. It operates in all major Greek ports and numerous private marinas and terminals, providing integrated, tailor-made environmental solutions.

Thanks to its passionate team, more than 70 years of experience, its use of the latest technologies and adherence to international best – practice standards, our company is able to offer sustainable sea services worldwide. Antipollution provides immediate, effective and reliable Emergency Response Services for both national and international incidents. It has the expertise and equipment required to undertake complex environmental protection procedures during oil spills and/or wreck removal operations. Its long-standing experience, highly-qualified and fully trained personnel, along with its access to relevant state of the art equipment, allow the company to treat all kinds of waste even under extreme circumstances.

Antipollution was founded by the descendants of the first boat operators and stevedores in Piraeus Port during the 1940s. Ever since, the company has been undergoing constant growth, acquiring modern equipment and providing its services 24/7.

Antipollution is a member of V Group which is a robust Group of Companies with a strong presence and continuous growth in Waste Management, Renewable Energy Sources and Financial Investments.

Plus employees

Antipollution prioritizes the constant training and evolution of its employees, irrespective of their background and/or educational achievements. We believe that hard work is the most effective predictor of success.

Our Approach

We combine cumulative knowledge and experience to deliver first-class solutions for our customers.

We use high – end, sustainable resources to tackle every environmental challenge we undertake.

We always aim for zero carbon dioxide emissions and have achieved a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Our business activity is guided by circular economy concepts and practices.


Our Mission
To tackle worldwide environmental challenges of a circular economy through innovative solutions.
Our Vision
To create a legacy that will inspire and motivate future generations to strive for constant evolution, while maintaining respect for our beautiful planet.


Dare to be tomorrow’s pioneers

It is in our lifeblood to perceive the world with a fresh mindset. We value original thinking, embrace creativity in every business aspect, invest in cutting-edge technology, improve our efficiency. We offer sustainable and tailor-made solutions to new challenges.

Create meaningful change

We strive to be the change we want to see in the world.
We acknowledge that every decision and action taken has
an impact. Through our corporate practices, we promote a zero waste philosophy, we ensure environmental protection awareness for our people, our partners, our clients and we add value to the communities we interact with.

Devoted to fundamental purposes
We remain loyal to our beliefs. We pursue achieving our business goals whilst maintaining focused on our corporate social responsibility and environmental protection mission. We enhance a culture of integrity and build strong trusting relationships with our employees, partners, customers.
Promote teamwork & collaboration
We place people at the heart of our business. We embrace and respect all unique differences, all backgrounds, all possibilities. We consider our partners as valuable members of our team. Together we achieve more.