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Check out our projects, the life of our business. Our experts are prepared to respond to incidents all around the globe, using the latest technologies and equipment to make sure all incidents are carried out safely, in accordance to international laws and with respect to the environment.

M/V VOLARIS-51 Incident – Prevention of Marine Pollution

M/V SEABIRD Shipwreck – Prevention of Oil Pollution

Salvage and de-bunkering operations

Anti-pollution works and sea surface clean-up

Pier cleaning services of PCT SA

MSC ASLI deck cleaning services

Cleaning and Disinfection Services at the Port Fund of Chalkida

Cleaning and waste management of Flying Dolphin XVIII.


Presentation of lifted stern of MV ”CABRERA”

Refloating of MV ”Cabrera” stern was completed

Antipollution fighting sea pollution at Agia Zoni II

One of the largest Net Metering PV systems in Greece has been completed!

Refloating and Removal of RoRo “Panagia Tinou” from Piraeus Port has been successfully completed.

Antipollution SA took over the Salvage and Removal of “Panagia Tinou” wreck from the port of Piraeus

Successfully Addressing Pollution Accident at Igoumenitsa

The Spill Response drill “POSEIDON 2016” was held successfully

Our company welcomed the passengers, the crew and the captain of “COSTA NEOCLASSICA”

Marine Pollution Prevention Incident


A Marine Pollution Incident has been Successfully Tackled by the Company’s Oil Spill

Port Reception Facility Services for the Port of Patra

Greenery Maintenance and Recreation of the Port of Piraeus