February 15, 2022

M/V VOLARIS-51 Incident – Prevention of Marine Pollution

On February 3rd, 2022, during a MARPOL 73/78 inspection on board of M/V “VOLARIS-51”, which was berthed in Port of Chalkida, conducted by Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, water inflow was observed in Bilge Holding Tank No. 3, which is located in the ship’s engine room.

Antipollution, acting as the contractor of Evia Island Ports Authority (OLNE SA) in terms of marine protection services, deployed 240m of oil containment booms (fence type) and enclosed the ship to prevent any marine pollution from oil. Furthermore, our team was constantly on stand- by with available mechanical equipment and sorbent materials in case of oil leakage from the vessel.

An authorised diving crew inspected the hull and placed Plastic Steel Resin Solution as a temporary solution. Our emergency response team remained on the casualty area as instructed by the competent authorities until the plastic steel was fully applicated to the holed area.

Twelve (12) hours after the application of the material and following the pumping out of the full quantity of the contents from Bilge Holding Tank No. 3, the ship’s classification society issued an attestation that no water ingress from the temporarily repaired area was observed. Our emergency response team proceeded with the removal of the oil containment boom (fence type) and departed from the casualty area on February 5th, 2022.