Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis Meets with Egyptian Prime Minister

July 1, 2024

Cairo, Egypt – In a significant official engagement, Vyron Vasileiadis, Chairman of V Group of Companies, held a meeting with Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt, during the European-Egyptian Joint Investment Conference. The meeting, which took place on the conference’s sidelines, underscored the strengthening ties and collaborative efforts between V Group and Egyptian authorities, particularly in the realm of sustainability.

Prime Minister Madbouly extended a warm welcome to Chairman Vasileiadis, expressing his deep appreciation for the fruitful collaboration between V Group of Companies and Suez Canal Authority – Antipollution Egypt.

He highlighted the alignment of this partnership with Egypt’s strategic goals to enhance sustainability within its transport sector, emphasizing the government’s full support for such forward-thinking projects.

Accompanying Vasileiadis was Mr. Eric Adam, a shareholder of Antipollution Egypt, along with a delegation of senior executives. During the discussions, Vasileiadis elaborated on the Group’s multifaceted operations, which span six critical sectors: port facilities, emergency response services, renewable energy and storage, alternative waste fuel production and advanced technology solutions.

Vasileiadis praised the instrumental leadership of Admiral Osama Rabie, noting that his guidance was pivotal in transforming this ambitious project into a reality. He also acknowledged the vital support from the Suez Canal Economic Zone and its leader, Mr. Walid Gamal.

He revealed that the company is nearing the final stages of securing the necessary licenses, with the project poised for an imminent launch.

Prime Minister Madbouly emphasized the significance of the new initiative for the Suez Canal area, describing it as a landmark partnership that extends beyond corporate interests to foster deeper ties between Greece and Egypt. He expressed optimism about the venture’s potential to add substantial value, particularly through the introduction of a pioneering solid and liquid waste collection service for all vessels transiting the canal.

Concluding the meeting, Vasileiadis reiterated V Group’s commitment to sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship. He emphasized the company’s strategy of achieving a “zero waste, zero carbon footprint” operation, reflecting its dedication to minimizing ecological impact and promoting a greener future.