More than Sea Waters

#WeCareabout a Sustainable Future

We create new employment positions for the generations to come and we support university research for emerging scientists. 

#WeCareabout our Team

We set up frequent educational workshops for our global team of #antipolluters. We invest in our team’s healthy and happy work environment and we pay close attention to the smooth operation of our work ethics.

#WeCareabout our Community

We support the children in need and the elderly locally. We work closely with local NGOs and offer our time and skills as much as we can.

#WeCareabout Much More

As much as we are passionate about our team, our community and the environment, we believe that life is about so much more! Being keen sportsmen and culture lovers ourselves we support the promotion of culture and sports events.

Antipollution SA, always focused at the protection the environment, has been offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from all its activities and facilities. The company, through the assistance of an external independent organization, calculates and verifies on a yearly basis the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from its activities and facilities. Then it makes all the necessary investments in Renewable Energy Projects in order to eliminate its carbon footprint.


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