Our company is active in the fields of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management. We offer a full spectrum of services such as characterization, minimization, collection, separation, treatment, recycling and final disposal of waste.

Our trained personnel, our experience and know-how, our scientific methods and the latest technology and modern equipment we put in use, guarantee high-end waste management services.

Hazardous Waste Management
Antipollution, having global expertise in Hazardous Waste Management is in the position to handle such materials, in full compliance with national and international legislation.
Non Hazardous Waste Management
We invest on advanced technologies in order to reduce the waste led to landfills in respect to relevant guidelines by the EU.
Recycling Recovery & Processing Facilities Services
Waste sorting, recycling and recovery require expertise and the capacity to adapt technology to the challenges posed by materials and their conditions for reuse.