Antipollution, with its extensive expertise in Hazardous Waste Management, is capable of handling hazardous materials, in full compliance with national and international legislation. Our dedicated facility operates in conformance with the highest safety standards, offering – among other things – temporary storage for various types of hazardous waste.

We offer:

  • Waste identification
  • Obtention of the export license and transportation
  • Labelling and packing
  • Loading and transportation
  • Final processing (recovery/disposal)

Our waste management team selects the best treatment option for each type of hazardous waste we collect. We have obtained all the necessary licenses and apart from processing waste in our own facilities, we have formed a strong network of partners in Europe, with whom we hold long-lasting relationships and often join forces with, in order to provide the most efficient environmental solutions. In addition to the collection process, transportation and storage phases, our company is active in the production of secondary fuel from hazardous waste, which has made the realization of our zero – waste goal a reality.